Sunday, June 13, 2010


I found very funny internet application today. It is called "Pandara". When the face in the picture is recognized, it will put panda face onto that face. It is pain to edit faces that should not be in the photo (for the privacy reason) but it is quite easy and fun to use this application. Just click the yellow box in the upper right corner on the site (as seen on the photo above - where red arrows point).

I played with some photos.

This is tiny ichimatsu dolls before the repair. Their faces are recognized but there are some pandas not on their faces...

My fourth boy, fifth girl, and Gardenia. Only fifth girl has a panda face on. Why there is a panda on fourth boy's tummy? So odd...

I tried my amigurumi photo. Their faces are completely panda-free lol. There are tiny pandas in the air. There must be invisible fairies or something.

Sebastian running free photo. His tail and shoulder are recognized as faces. I can see his face clearly without panda! No privacy protected!

My 1st doll and fox mask. Interestingly fox mask IS recognized as a face, very interesting.


Christine said...

Haha, those invisible fairies are exposed! How fun is this - will have to give it a go one something of mine :)

Sakie and Thomas Gantz said...

That panda application looks like a lot of fun :-)

Dolls from the Attic said...

This is very interesting. I love the Panda faces. Thank you for following my blog, and your work is wonderul. I will have to take time and really look at your work, what I've seen so far is great!
Big Hugs

Ayano said...

Those invisible fairies makes me laugh every time I see this picture lol. Please try and have fun with panda application :-)

>Sakie and Thomas Gantz
Yes! It is very fun to play! I spent more than an hour to play around and found my face is NOT recognized by this application lol.

This is interesting application, indeed! You can play this application to your doll pictures too. I love your blog too! I like antique old dolls so much but it is hard to find blog or website which talks about them. Thank you for coming! :-)

Christine said...

And I should say that I love the new photo banner on your blog - what drama!

Ayano said...


Thank you! It was fun to change the look of the blog :-) You might already know that the picture behind the title banner is from halloween 2007. You can see other photo at "Miniature halloween" in my flickr album

Minnie Kitchen said...

love the animal!!

Ayano said...

>Minnie Kitchen
Thank you! :D