Monday, August 30, 2010

編みぐるみ ホーランドロップうさぎの赤ちゃん Amigurumi Lop Baby Bunny

Followed by the Netherland dwarf baby bunny amigurumi I made the other day, I'm making Holland lop baby bunny amigurumi now. This baby is going to be send to my painter friend in Japan. So far, the head completed. The body in the picture above is a yarn ball.

I was afraid that these tiny ears might not hand down as I wished since the yarn used was very thick but they came out really nicely. You cannot see it in the picture but I changed the color of inner ear.

Details around mouth: There are some minor differences between Netherland dwarf baby and this Holland lop baby. I can't wait to take pictures of them sitting together.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

市松人形カスタム Ichimatsu boy doll customize 上半身2 Upper body2

Upper body is almost completed. All I need to do next is, to make a hall to insert neck  and paint.

I made shoulder blades. I think Ichimatsu dolls have much more simplified figures compared to ball jointed dolls, so I guess this is the limit of adding details.

It seems like his smile came back to his face with the new body that is steadily approaching to its completion. The lower body and legs are coming next. I'm still thinking what to do with hands.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

市松人形カスタム Ichimatsu boy doll customize 上半身 Upper body

I am working for my Ichimatsu boy doll Akira-kun's upper body. I made the core with styrene foam, wrapped it with stone clay, pulled the core out from it, and then roughly filed the surface even.

It's hollow inside. I filled cracks caused by the process of drying with well-knead stone clay inside and outside.

Make it symmetrical with clay.

Friday, August 13, 2010

かぎ編み ハートのモチーフ Heart motif crochet

I made this heart motif crochet small blanket while I am working on Akira-kun's body. I used chocolate and caramel color for the heart and since its edge looks like a cream decoration, I used mint green, coffee, strawberry pink, and milk color for it. It seems there is a smile face inside of the heart (I draw a face on the upper left one).

I decided to send this baby bunny to my friend in Japan so I wanted to make it a baby blanket for the bunny. But I used acrylic yarns and it feels tough lol, not for baby, so I am now thinking whether I should send this or not.

And I somehow noticed that the back of the motif looks prettier...

Isn't it?

Hmm, but the front heart motif is cute too. Let's say, it's reversible.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

市松人形カスタム Ichimatsu boy doll customize 解体 To pieces

On the other day, I talked about new ichimatsu boy doll I purchased. It was a half year ago when I first saw him on the internet that I named him "Akira-kun" because his hair style looks similar to the one of Akira-kun from Hikaru no go. Anyway, I checked him and found that most of his body is made of urethane foam as I expected. I wanted him to be able to at least sit down so I decided to make him a new body with stone clay. This time, not ball-jointed but traditional ichimatsu body.

So I started to take him to pieces on the day I received him. First, I needed to separate the doll and the stand. I pulled Akira-kun and he came off. There are two thick and long wires and his legs are just feet, no legs (I hope you understand what I mean). His feet were made of soft plastic-like material (hollow inside) and shaped like wearing tabi-socks on.

You can see his kimono layers, hakama, kimono, and okoshi.

I took off his haori and hakama. I wonder his kimono is whether awase or hitoe? His obi was a small piece of fabric glued on the part only where it can be seen from the front.

The reason why I called it okoshi, not juban is because I didn't see juban sleeve from the furi (open slit of kimono sleeve) of kimono and as you can see, this fabric covers only the skirt part! And it is glued on the urethane body.

Akira-kun all naked. This is a typical mass produced modern ichimatsu doll.

I took off his hands from the urethane foam. They seem to be made of soft plastic like feet, hollow inside. I really like this hands, they are chubby and looks exactly like child's, so cute.

And at last, I separated his head from the body. They are connected with thick wire and thick layers of glue. His head is made of plaster and that made his head soooo heavy. Akira-kun has a tiny scratch on the top of his nose. I guess he got it when he fell down losing his balance due to its weight. At this point, I don't have enough knowledge of working with plaster so I am not going to fix his scratch. Leaving all those things aside, I thought Akira-kun would never have imagined that he would have become only head on the day he arrived at new home. I will make his body as soon as possible!