Tuesday, May 25, 2010

豆市松人形 軽く修理

After disjointing two tiny ichimatsu dolls, I put each of them into small bags so that I don't make a mistake which one is which.

Then I roughly even out Sakyo-kun's body parts with stone clay. I will do the details later.

I did the same to Ukyo-chan. Both of them will be a bit chubbier than original. I filled that mystery hole and other cracks due to increasing age with stone clay.

I repaired thumb with stone clay. It will be very difficult repair work since they are tiny tiny ichimatsu dolls, but I found it quite fun.

Friday, May 21, 2010

琴爪入れ 這い子 完成

Crawling baby bag has completed. Does it look like a baby crawling?

I really like his body shape that represents a crawling pose. The bag turns into the natural look of thickness of the body.

What I am going to make next is also a doll-type craft bag. But before that, I'd like to enjoy crochet!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

琴爪入れ 這い子 制作途中5

I couldn't leave him unfinished like that any longer, so I continued working on crawling baby bag again. I made his bib with dark neutral green (this is kind of strange saying "dark neutral").

Then finishing part. I sewed bag edges where drawstrings go through and made round deco on the tip of the strings. The last part is to sew his head on the bag. That's it!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

琴爪入れ 這い子 制作途中4

After I made this head I started other work, so he was left like this for a week...

Monday, May 17, 2010

琴爪入れ 這い子 制作途中3

Continued from yesterday's entry, I added hair to the head. I used synthetic mohair that I usually use for ball jointed dolls. He has tiny "ponytail" on the top of head.

I trimmed his hair nicely.

His little tail is tied up with green thread.

And sideburns.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

琴爪入れ 這い子 制作途中2

My new amigurumi Sebastian is finally completed. I will introduce him after I take a good picture of him since he looks so cute!

I made the face for crawling baby bag. I'm not good at making perfectly round ball without wrinkle with fabric. This will be a boy so I wrapped his head with pale blue cloth, represents "freshly shaved head". The book says to do this with a glue but I think glue is not suitable for chirimen (maybe because of the rough surface of fabric). I ended up with sewing pale blue on its head.

The book says to draw facial expression with acrylic paints but I embroidered it. I need to add sideburns and hair after this, so it was a little difficult to embroider his expression making sure the balance of facial parts.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

琴爪入れ 這い子 制作途中1

The 47th crepe cloth craft bag is "crawling baby". I started making his body first.

I chose this simple yet pretty hemp pattern print for baby's cloth. The bag inside will be white cotton and green for the accent.

Monday, May 10, 2010

豆市松人形 右京ちゃんの解体

I finished the 47th crape cloth craft bag yesterday, and I now enjoy crocheting after a long time. I am making a bunny amigurumi which exactly looks like my rabbit Sebastian.

About the breaking up of small ichimatsu doll. I kind of hesitated to take her to pieces since she was in fairly good condition but I did it anyway because I wanted both of them look good. When I was sanding off her body, I noticed someone's eye from somewhere...

It was Ukyo-chan. I took it as "she must be very happy about this repair" and went on with my work.

When I peeled off the old Japanese paper, which connects body and legs, I found a strange hole in a strange place. I didn't see one in Sakyo-kun by the way.

I finished taking her into pieces easily since this is the seond time. I think I have the knack of it, like not breaking the wrist. Her hair easily came off as I pulled.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

琴爪入れ フクロウ

I made owl chirimen craft bag. It was in the middle of the spring when I wasn on this, so I chose colors that remind me of spring.

The owl has diligent image like saying "wise as an owl" but this owl is sexy type due to her long eyelashes and pale green eye shadow.

Her wings draw beautiful curve.

Friday, May 07, 2010

Crochet donut pattern

Here is crochet donut pattern. Click the image to enlarge.

If you would like some toppings on the donut, add them before you stitch the edge together.

Each round start with making 1 chain stitch and end with joining with slip stitch in the 1st chain. You might think these extra steps are pain but these will help to equal the height of the round. It means you can make clean stripe pattern.

Please leave your question if you have one.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

豆市松人形 左京くんの解体

The dissection of Sakyo-kun, who had more damages.

First, I sanded off face gofun. Then the eyes took off very easily. I guess they were old and fragile.

What made me surprised the most, these eyes! I have been used many kinds of doll eyes, from sphere type to flat type, but never seen this thin glass eyes.

After sand off gofun. Each part is clear now. The arm broke because it was too thin but it's okay I will fix and strengthen with stone clay later. The head was divided into 2 parts because the glue which was holding both head parts together was old and loose. These will be fixed later too.

I examined these thin eyes again. They are unexpectedly small and thin!

Picture enlarged. It is less than 1mm. Pupil and iris are just painted on the glass with some kinds of ink. The sizes of left and right galss eyes are different and the sizes of pupils and iris are also irregular.

Monday, May 03, 2010

琴爪入れ 唐子

My Japanese crepe cloth project is near the end. This Karako is one of the most difficult and most complicated craft bag.
Karako is a kid who dresses in chinese cloth and has chinese hair style.

First, I struggled to choose which chirimen cloth I should use. Luckily, I had this floating cloud in subdued color. I decided to use it for the coat, then chose other fabrics which looks good on it.

I didn't know how to do "round-edge piping" on the edge of the coat, so I did it on my way. Lots of frills are relatvely easier to make than I expected.

Head and face are the most difficult part. Face is the most important part in the doll-making.

The explanation of how to make this hair style was absolutely beyond my comprehension but I made it somehow.

Karako's body is the bag and there is a tube, which sustains Karako's head, inside of the body (bag).