Tuesday, May 04, 2010

豆市松人形 左京くんの解体

The dissection of Sakyo-kun, who had more damages.

First, I sanded off face gofun. Then the eyes took off very easily. I guess they were old and fragile.

What made me surprised the most, these eyes! I have been used many kinds of doll eyes, from sphere type to flat type, but never seen this thin glass eyes.

After sand off gofun. Each part is clear now. The arm broke because it was too thin but it's okay I will fix and strengthen with stone clay later. The head was divided into 2 parts because the glue which was holding both head parts together was old and loose. These will be fixed later too.

I examined these thin eyes again. They are unexpectedly small and thin!

Picture enlarged. It is less than 1mm. Pupil and iris are just painted on the glass with some kinds of ink. The sizes of left and right galss eyes are different and the sizes of pupils and iris are also irregular.

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