Monday, May 10, 2010

豆市松人形 右京ちゃんの解体

I finished the 47th crape cloth craft bag yesterday, and I now enjoy crocheting after a long time. I am making a bunny amigurumi which exactly looks like my rabbit Sebastian.

About the breaking up of small ichimatsu doll. I kind of hesitated to take her to pieces since she was in fairly good condition but I did it anyway because I wanted both of them look good. When I was sanding off her body, I noticed someone's eye from somewhere...

It was Ukyo-chan. I took it as "she must be very happy about this repair" and went on with my work.

When I peeled off the old Japanese paper, which connects body and legs, I found a strange hole in a strange place. I didn't see one in Sakyo-kun by the way.

I finished taking her into pieces easily since this is the seond time. I think I have the knack of it, like not breaking the wrist. Her hair easily came off as I pulled.

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