Monday, May 03, 2010

琴爪入れ 唐子

My Japanese crepe cloth project is near the end. This Karako is one of the most difficult and most complicated craft bag.
Karako is a kid who dresses in chinese cloth and has chinese hair style.

First, I struggled to choose which chirimen cloth I should use. Luckily, I had this floating cloud in subdued color. I decided to use it for the coat, then chose other fabrics which looks good on it.

I didn't know how to do "round-edge piping" on the edge of the coat, so I did it on my way. Lots of frills are relatvely easier to make than I expected.

Head and face are the most difficult part. Face is the most important part in the doll-making.

The explanation of how to make this hair style was absolutely beyond my comprehension but I made it somehow.

Karako's body is the bag and there is a tube, which sustains Karako's head, inside of the body (bag).

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