Monday, August 30, 2010

編みぐるみ ホーランドロップうさぎの赤ちゃん Amigurumi Lop Baby Bunny

Followed by the Netherland dwarf baby bunny amigurumi I made the other day, I'm making Holland lop baby bunny amigurumi now. This baby is going to be send to my painter friend in Japan. So far, the head completed. The body in the picture above is a yarn ball.

I was afraid that these tiny ears might not hand down as I wished since the yarn used was very thick but they came out really nicely. You cannot see it in the picture but I changed the color of inner ear.

Details around mouth: There are some minor differences between Netherland dwarf baby and this Holland lop baby. I can't wait to take pictures of them sitting together.


Lisa said...

How do you make them so fast?

Ayano said...

I think I am a very slow-creator :P
I want to be more prolific.

Clara said...

¡Que cara más dulce y amorosa!
Besos Clara

Ayano said...

¡Gracias! Besos del conejito del bebé

Ascension said...

Enhorabuena, ese bebe conejito te ha quedado muy dulce.
Me encantan los colores que has elegido.
besitos ascension

Ayano said...

¡Gracias! Yo el trabajando finalmente terminado en este conejito del bebé. Escribiré pronto sobre eso :)