Friday, September 03, 2010

かぎ編み 十字架のモチーフおくるみ Crochet cross motif baby blanket

I made the baby blanket for the baby bunny over again since the heart motif one was too thick for the baby blanket. This time, with my favorite cross motif. It looks so fresh with blue and white yarn and is very soft.

So, I wrapped it around the baby bunny. The openings in the motif are kind of large and it might not be good for the baby blanket but overall size is just about it so I will send this with bunny to my friend.


Lisa said...

The bunny looks so cute wrapped in the blanket.

Sara Scales said...

he,s sooooooo cute, love the blanket. Im am quite new to crochet but love it, have you seen my mini bear on my site im so proud of it

Sara x

Anne-Marie said...

lovely blanket! and the bunny seems to like it too :)

Ayano said...

Thank you so much! :)

Thank you! I saw your tiny bear :) Great work! I used to make very small amigurumi, too.

How are you? Thank you for your comment :) I hope the bunny likes it!