Wednesday, July 21, 2010

編みぐるみ ミニリアルホーランドロップ Amigurumi Mini Real Holland lop

I received new eyes for my tiny ichimatsu dolls. While I was waiting, I made mini Holland lop bunny amigurumi with the yarn I haven't used since I bought it. The face looks real like the one I made the other day, and the body is the same as amigurumi Sebastian.

And this is what I made. This yarn has many tiny loops (it is almost like a towel) and those loops made it difficult to see stitches. So I had to crochet as I thought right and got what you see in the picture above. It looks so cute and I love it.

I like the face looked from this angle, so cute. I made eyes red.

The ear position is perfect (I think), very pretty. There is a minor change in crochet pattern of the hands.

Lovely tail and X-shaped legs. They were made without expectation but really adorable.


Minnie Kitchen said...

so so cute! i love the tail :)

Ayano said...

>Minnie Kitchen
Thank you so much! Yes, that tail is cruelly cute ;P

Anne-Marie said...

Ah, it's super kawaii! I love the face, tail and ears...everything! It's just perfect!

myra said...

What a wonderful bunny! I love the yarn, it really looks sewn not crocheted. So very cute.

Ayano said...

Thank you for encouraging words! I think I assembled his/her parts perfectly, too ;-)

Thank you very much! This type of yarn is just great, amigurumi looks more lively, so amazing! :-)