Friday, July 30, 2010

豆市松人形 目 Tiny Ichimatsu Doll Eyes

I'm going to talk about the eyes for my tiny ichimatsu dolls.
First, draw the eye on a thick paper and cut it out. Use this to check the size of the iris of the eye and also check the ratio of the iris and the white part.

Next, wipe off the paint on the thin glass eyes. It was easily came off with a Q-tip soaked water, I guess it was a kind of water-based ink.

Put masking tape on the back of the thick paper and fix glass eye plate and draw pupil and iris. I lost one glass eye plate in this procedure (I found it later), so I bought new glass eyes immediately after the incident.

This is it. 4mm round glass eyes, brown. They are so tiny but beautifully made, I am so impressed.

I asked Charmy to help me explaining about this eyes.

The overall size of the eye is good but I think the size of the iris is too big for the doll.

These are the eyes I draw the iris on. Since it is way too small, it was impossible for me to draw perfect circles; however I made the pupil black and iris brown.

In this way, the size of the iris differs more than double. If I use new one, it will mess the entire plan, though they are pretty and beautiful. I know there will be no problem if I can draw nicely but... I need to think about this again.

Charmy, thank you for helping me out. I gave him some mochi as a reward.

Oh, he eats mochi lying down! Where are your manners?


myra said...

Thanks for sharing your process on your ichimatsu doll. I can't wait to see it when it's done.

Christine said...

What a great helper Charmy is. Must be very hard work and he deserves that reward!

Lisa said...

I can't believe how talented you are! I love all the things you make. They are so cute. I love discovering other people out in the world who like making similar things to me!

RiS said...



Ayano said...

Thank you! I am also working for the similar works for the ichimatsu boy doll. You might be interested in them so please come back and check! :-)

Hello Christine! How are you? Charmy is always a good assistant ;p

Thank you for your comment! I guess you are a crafty person and have a interesting blog. I must check it! Thank you for coming :)