Thursday, July 22, 2010

編みぐるみ ミニリアルネザーランド・ドワーフ Amigurumi Mini Real Netherland Dwarf

I was wondering how it would be if I make a Netheland dwarf amigurumi with the yarn I used for mini real Holland lop I made the other day. So I tried.

And this is it. Very cute! I made eyes red just like mini real Holland lop.

There goes two bunnies. I tied red ribbon around their neck but they look prettier with those scarves (they were free addition of Japanese tea and present from my friend), so I left them as they are and took pictures. I think they look like cute gangs (hope they don't play a trick).

They seem to have a very strong personalities.

Netherland dwarf's scarf is bamboo pattern, Holland lop's scarf is spiral pattern.

They look pretty from the back, too.


Anne-Marie said...

Another cute and lovely bunny! The yarn is really great!

Ayano said...

Thank you! I really like this yarn. It makes me wish to make more and various kinds of cutie!