Friday, July 23, 2010

市松人形 男の子 Ichimatsu boy doll

I had a special (extraordinary) income so I decided to buy the Ichimatsu boy doll I have been paying attention to. I waited for a week and received it in a good condition.

He is very pretty ichimatsu boy. His kimono and haori look so beautiful. And of course, his face is cute cute without doubt.

He is made relatively recently but his facial expression is somewhat a mixture of past and modern creation, very interesting and wonderful.

His chubby face is very attractive. His body was made of urethane foam so I am going to make a new body and make him able to sit down. I already took him to pieces and his head is sitting on the counter. I made a new body's mold with styrene foam yesterday, so I am going to cover it with stone clay today.


Anne-Marie said...

How cute! And very detailed. The haori is great! I can't wait to see the new body :)

Ayano said...

Thank you! This haori is so great! I already started to make new body :)

rosette13 said...

It is a lovely doll.
When my son was Shichigosan, I took pains over the cross of the hakama.

Ayano said...

Thank you! You mean the tie of the hakama? It is complicated! If someone ask me to do that cross, I don't think I can ^^;