Monday, April 20, 2009

琴爪入れ 菊






sue said...

Your works are so beautiful especially those 縮緬細工. I am a chinese that love traditional japanese culture. But I don't understand the cultural meaning of 縮緬袋物, e.g. 袋物 for 琴爪入. What is the use of this little bag for modern Japanese?

Panuciss said...

Hello Sue,

Thank you for your comment.

Chirimen fabric(縮緬 - Japanese crepe cloth)is a type of fabric which has distictive wave-like pattern, and it has been used to make kimono for 300 years. When we make a kimono from a fabric bolt, we get small pieces of fabric. So we used them to make 縮緬細工/縮緬袋物, not to waste even a little piece of fabrics. Chirimen-zaiku is a way to learn the value of things, and at the same time, is a good way to cultivate the sense of art and to take a lesson in needlework.

Since we had only small pieces of fabrics, we could make a small bags like 琴爪入れ(I assume you know what 琴爪 means). There are a few women who play 琴 nowadays, so those 琴爪入れ or 袋物 are used not for keeping 琴爪 but used for storage of accessories or put small amount of incense and hang inside of the closet/put on the bedside, or used as a gift package (nice accessories inside is good, I think).

I hope this answers to your question. Please come back and check new 縮緬細工 I will upload, I promise!


sue said...

Hi Panuciss,

Thanks really much for your patience and explanation... I got to know about 縮緬細工 few years ago when my colleague brought me a gift of 縮緬細工 after her vacation in Japan. I bought some japanese books and have just started learning to make 縮緬細工 on my own...

Thanks very much that now I know the use of 袋物 and this kind of fabric is used to make kimono.

Sure I will come. I appreciate much your handicraft works and effort to share them. Thanks : )

Panuciss said...

Hi Sue,

I'm glad to know that you started learning how to make 縮緬細工! Once you understand some basic skills and process, I'm sure you will be able to make your original 縮緬細工. I can't wait to see them one day. Good luck and have fun!

Ayano Panuciss