Monday, April 26, 2010

琴爪入れ シロツメクサ

I'd like to introduce Japanese crepe cloth craft bag "White clover", which was finished a while ago.

I made red clover bag long time ago. You can see it on the doll's head. At that time, I didn't have chirimen cloth (Japanese crepe cloth) so I had to use pink cotton broad instead.

I was soooo excited because I learned how to bleach my old chirimen cloth pretty good and now I can make white clover and other white flowers using this soft white chirimen, not like neon paint bright bright white.

I wanted to make the flower color gradually changed from pale green to white as it goes to the center of the flower. In order to make it, I'd have better done using chirimen which was dyed nice gradation of pale green and white for each petal, not using 2 colors like I did. But this is the best I could do at the moment, with my fabric dye skills. This white clover bag has three-leaf clover and two buds on the tip of the drawstrings.


Christine said...

All this work you do is really fascinating. I am having a great time reading and looking at your blog :)

Ayano said...


I'm glad to hear that :)
Thank you for your comment!